Top IT/Tech Conferences in 2020 For Tech Lovers

Top IT/Tech Conferences in 2020 For Tech Lovers

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Are you new to the IT/technology field and you want to improve yourself? Do you want to work in the technology field? The company you work for wants you to learn more about the field? Do you want to enlarge your network and meet more people share the same interest with you or work in the same field as you? To be able to succeed in those, you need to attend tech conferences.

What is a tech conference?

A tech conference is an event where people who work or interested in the tech field come together. There are many different kinds of tech conferences.

Large tech companies can make conferences for their customers. The cost of these large, extravagant parties and activities can be high to attend, so it's mostly paid by the employers of attendees.

Also, there can be conferences for a single topic, and it can be done by professional event organizers or a tech company.

There also can be some volunteers who put on tech conferences. These conferences can be less formal and more affordable.

People such as business people, researchers, engineers or hobbyists can attend different kinds of tech conferences. In these conferences, many different events and activities take place but talks and workshops are the most commons events.

Which tech conferences should I attend?

Of course, as a grown-up person, you probably don't have time for all the tech conferences happening in the world. It's okay because you don't have to attend all.

The first thing to consider while choosing a conference to attend is probably the topic. Technology is a wide and ramous field. And you can't and don't have to be interested in all of the fields of technology.

Maybe you're interested in a programming language, maybe in frontend development, maybe in artificial intelligence or maybe digital media. So, you should choose the field you're interested in or work in to search for the right and suitable conferences for yourself.

Location is also an important factor while choosing a tech conference. Attending a conference which is far away can cost too much and if the trip isn't sponsored by your employer, you can search for conferences which are closer to the place you live or work.

Size/popularity may be an important reason while choosing a conference. At the larger conferences, you can do networking and you can listen to some of the most famous speakers of the field. On the other hand, at the small conferences, it can be easier to manage your schedule and you can easily meet people who work in the same field or who have the same interest.

Of course, some conferences are more expensive than others but it doesn't mean that an expensive conference is better at quality-wise. Thus, the price can also be a factor while choosing the conference you'll attend. You can always find cost-effective conferences with good quality.

And lastly, not every date is suitable for everyone. But don't worry, there are thousands of useful conferences you can attend throughout the year. Take your time, and choose the most suitable dates for you!

What are some of the technology conferences in 2020?

Technology is evolving every day, and you don't have to worry if you couldn't attend any conferences in 2019. Because there are only a couple of months left to 2020, and that's the only thing you should be focusing on right now!

Here, you can find some of the best tech conferences in 2020.

1. DeveloperWeek Conference & Expo, San Francisco, USA

Each year, DeveloperWeek gathers more than 8,000 engineers, developers, software architects, dev teams, managers and executives from 70+ countries in the SF Bay area.

DeveloperWeek 2020 is going to be San Francisco's largest developer conferences and event series. It covers all new technologies, thus the conference and workshops will be about technologies like VR Dev, Artificial Intelligence Dev, Blockchain Dev, IoT Dev, Serverless technology, Microservices technology, new JavaScript frameworks, and more.


2. Adobe Summit - The Digital Experience Conference, Las Vegas, USA

Attendees at the Adobe Summit will gain valuable insights, tools, and techniques for making the most of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Thanks to this summit, you can learn how to bring all your content and data together in one place.

Also, you'll be able to listen to the biggest names of the sector such as Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, Hubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy.

3. DATAx Singapore 2020

DATAx is the only tech conference in Asia specifically dedicated to exploring AI and data science.

At this conference, you can hear topics such as machine learning, NLP, data analytics, data strategy, automation, and cloud.

You can join useful interactive workshops, insightful panels, and keynotes delivered by the biggest tech companies in the world that shape the future of AI.

With the data scientists coming from the biggest companies in the world, you'll be able to learn more about data science.

In DATAx 2019, some of the speakers at the conference were Grace Tang, Senior Data Scientist of Netflix, Dr. Meri Rosich, Head of Data Science in Visa, and Jim Roovers, Head of Applied Data Science in Dyson.

4. fin: CODE 2020 Frankfurt, Germany

fin: CODE 2020 is a unique event in Europe that addresses the challenges that banks, asset management firms and insurance companies are experiencing when adopting and scaling DevOps.

During the conference, there will be 100 software development experts that will show the best practices and tooling strategies in the sector.

Highlights of 2020 are Adam Mcmurchie, Head of DevOps at Barclays, Terry Marsh, Lab Engineering Lead at Lloyds Banking Group, Dr. Henning Ehm, Group Head Site Reliability Engineering at DZ Bank, and Dr. Julius von Rosen, DevOps Architect at DZ Bank.

5. Material 2020 Reykjavík, Iceland

Material 2020 is a one-day tech conference exploring the concept of the Web as a material. Gen y and gen z are generations that never got to know the offline world. The aim of Material 2020 is to explore the material Web and evaluate what we have learned so far.

Some of the speakers of the tech conference consist of Rune Madsen, co-founder of Design Systems International and Charlie Owen, a front-end dev manager.

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