19 Essentials for an Earthquake Survival Kit

19 Essentials for an Earthquake Survival Kit

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Various natural disasters are taking place all around the world these days. Earthquakes are one of those, and it's nearly impossible to predict when the next earthquake will strike. So what we can do is to stay prepared at any moment.

Of course, we shouldn't be living with this rising fear of earthquakes, but the least we can do is prepare a bag, just in case. A bag that includes some vital things that may be of help in times of crisis. Here are some ideas for your bag.

A kind reminder: Don't forget to check your bag every six months and be sure that the contents are in good condition.


1. Flashlight

When somebody says earthquake bag, probably flashlight is the first thing that comes to mind. This flashlight is super bright; it works on high-efficiency and has an excellent output. Also, it comes with batteries. While it's on, lightly press again to toggle through the modes. Its sequence is high, medium, low, strobe, SOS; which we hope you never need SOS mode.

2. Radio

Everybody experienced that moment, after a natural disaster, local phone networks collapse. You will be wondering what's going on in the area, so you definitely will need a radio. When you're choosing the radio, don't forget to choose a compact one.

This radio is portable and has high-quality speakers. It has a long battery life, and this is one of the most important things while you're choosing a radio for your bag.

3. Batteries

Your radio or flashlight won't be working without batteries. This is one of the most important things to have in your bag because, even if your tools have enough battery life, you can help someone else with giving them a battery.

4. Power Bank

If you're having a power bank for your earthquake bag, then the most important criteria must be high-speed charging and long-lasting battery. This power bank can charge almost three and a half iPhone 8 or two and a half Galaxy S8.

5. First Aid Kit

This is such a must-have in your bag. This kit is waterproof and has clear compartments for easy organization, which is so essential in emergency conditions.

6. Rain Ponchos

You can't predict the weather, and you may be unprepared in an evacuation moment. This poncho is lightweight, compact, and one size fits all. You can easily store it in your bag.

7. Whistle

If you need to be heard from far, a whistle can help you. These whistles come as a set so you can hand everyone a different colored one in your family.

8. Personal Water Filter

This may sound too extra, but who knows what you'll need in an emergency? It can filter most of the waterborne bacteria, waterborne protozoan parasites, and can filter to 0.2 microns. It does not require batteries and has no moving parts. So this means you will be able to drink blurry water if you have to.

9. Thermal Blanket

You will need a blanket if there's an evacuation in your area. This thermal blanket is the right choice for emergency use. It's designed to retain up 90% of your body heat. It can completely block rain, snow, and moisture.

10. Sleeping Bag

If there's an evacuation and you have to stay outside, a sleeping bag is a lifesaver. It's made of polyester and covered with soft tricot fiber blend liner. It reduces heat loss through the zipper and keeps you warmer.

11. Wool Socks

If we are talking about stay warm on the outside, wool socks may count as essential. These socks have options so you can choose your size. They are the best option if there's cold weather outside.

12. Personal Hygiene Kit

Everything you will need for your self-care is in this kit. It may seem pointless to have it in your emergency bag, but don't forget; you don't know how much time you will be spending outside.

13. Pocket Knife

You need a knife in an emergency. Here's one option; it's a lightweight and compact knife. This knife is also a multi-tool, so it's so handy in that kind of situation.

14. Tissues & Wet Wipes

Don't forget to bring the basics. They are such vital items in this list. Don't doubt to have many of them; they're so necessary for an emergency.

15. Water

These packed waters are another lifesavers. They come as a set, and all of them should go into your bag. The best thing about these packed waters is they have five years shelf life.

16. Canned Soup

Food is crucial for your bag. You have to take all the nutrients all you need. These soups have thirteen grams of protein per can and have tender seasoned sirloin, potatoes, carrots, corn, and diced tomatoes in it.

17. Rope

You may end up with a complicated situation after an earthquake, so having a rope in your bag helps you be safe. This rope is a durable and stong option.

18. Tent

If a tent looks extra too to you, you should keep in mind that if an earthquake happens in the night, you won't want to go home even if you can. This tent has welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry.

19. Storage Bag

We will need a bag to store all of these items. Here's an oversized bag. It has a large capacity, 154 Liters, and you can fit all your tools in it.

Stay safe, and don't forget to share earthquake awareness!

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