Computer Engineering Salaries Worldwide

Computer Engineering Salaries Worldwide

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If you're looking for a career path that's lucrative and in demand, then consider the field of computer engineering.

Computer engineering is one of the 10 highest paid engineering majors in the United States and for good reasons. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau Labor Statistics (BLS), computer hardware engineers made a median annual salary of $114,600 in 2018. Moreover, data from the BLS highlights the demand for U.S.-based software developers with a projected growth rate of 24 percent between 2016 and 2026.

That means computer engineers are in demand at a rate faster than the average job in America. But there is also a demand for computer engineers worldwide, too. If you want to work in different parts of the world as a computer engineer, it's important to have an idea about the salary. Take a look at how your computer engineering salary may vary around the world.


What factors impact your computer engineering salary?

Companies that hire computer engineers may base computer engineering salaries on several factors. So, it's worth getting familiar with these different data points to get an idea of what to expect for your engineering salary in the country you prefer to work.

Location is often a top factor that can change how much you can expect to earn from a computer engineering career. For instance, Indeed reports that computer engineers in Canada make an average of $65,376 CAD or about $49,725 USD whereas computer engineers in the United States bring in an average annual salary of $80,055 USD. Research from DAXX reports that some of the countries that pay the most for software engineers include the United States ($107,909 USD), Switzerland ($82,878 USD), Norway ($71,993 USD), Denmark ($70,407 USD), and Israel ($64,198).

Your skills may also impact your salary. Computer engineers with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) may see a bump in salary and job offerings. For instance, Indeed reports that AI software engineers in the United States make an average salary between $105,115 as a software engineer to $109,666 as a full stack developer.

Research shows that AI-related jobs incurred a 63-percent increase in openings in the first three quarters of 2018, and companies were willing to pay a 20-percent-above-market rate to get the right AI experts.

You may also find different salary quotes from different sources. For instance, ZipRecruiter reports that U.S.-based computer engineering jobs bring in an average of $92,131 per year. However, data from Paysa reveals that computer engineering jobs bring in an average of $90,765 per year in the United States. Glassdoor reports an even lower salary for American computer engineers at $87,001 per year.

The company you work for may also pay different rates for your role. For instance, some of the top-paying companies in the United States for computer engineers include Tesla Motors ($159,000 USD), NASA ($129,000 USD), and Verizon ($128,000 USD), according to Paysa. However, keep in mind that companies also may include bonuses or a lucrative benefits package. So, it's worth considering all these factors when considering your location of work.

What is a typical entry-level computer engineering salary?

Your computer engineering salary in an entry-level position is typically less than what computer engineers with years of experience make. However, salaries for computer engineers have evolved over the last two decades.

So, it's not surprising to hear that some entry-level computer engineers in the United States drastically boost their starting salaries from $80,000 to $140,000 in a few short years. That's because today's tech companies often have access to funding to help pay for high salaries. Additionally, the high demand for computer engineers makes it one of the top-earning jobs around the world.

Location and expertise can shift how much you can expect to make when you're just starting as a computer engineer. For example, PayScale reports that U.S.-based software engineers who are just starting in their careers bring in an average salary of $73,439 per year.

However, your pay is less in Australia. According to PayScale, entry-level software engineers bring in $60,055 AUD or $41,331 USD.

Research from DAXX reveals that Switzerland is one of the best places to get hired for a high-paying salary as a software developer. Entry-level developers make an average of $77,845 per year there.

How much do computer engineers earn around the world?

While computer engineers bring in a high salary compared to other jobs, a computer engineering salary looks different from country to country.

That means some countries pay more than others to handle the design, research and development and other tasks of software applications, systems, and hardware equipment.

Here's a look at how much computer software engineers earn from around the world, according to the Economic Research Institute (ERI):

  • Australia- $$131,269 AUD ($90,376 USD)
  • Brazil - R$114.501 BRL ($30,484 USD)
  • Canada - $107,646 CAD ($80,255 USD)
  • China - 264,773 CNY ($38,228 USD)
  • Denmark. - 567.002 DKK ($84,480 USD)
  • Estonia - 25 971 EUR ($28,899 USD)
  • Finland - 69 842 EUR ($77,717 USD)
  • Germany - 74.101 EUR ($82,486 USD)
  • Israel - 206,473 ILS ($59,049 USD)
  • India - 61,380 INR ($892 USD)
  • Italy - 56.107 EUR ($62,431 USD)
  • Japan - 10,840,373 JPY ($99,842 USD)
  • Netherlands - 63.876 EUR ($71,072 USD)
  • New Zealand - $115,685 NZD ($76,293 USD)
  • Norway - 787 860 NOK ($89,641 USD)
  • Singapore - $104,198 SGD ($76,097 USD)
  • Switzerland - 101,377 CHF ($102,335 USD)
  • Ukraine - 532,057 UAH ($21,198 USD)
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) - 291,388 AED ($79,330 USD)
  • United Kingdom (UK) - 56,968 GBP ($ 73,238 USD)
  • United States of America - $105,760 USD

Final thoughts

With so many computer engineering jobs to choose from, it's an ideal career path to choose if you want to work abroad while earning a lucrative salary. But it's still important to know how your engineering salary may differ in one country from the next. By doing your research, you can compare computer engineering salaries from around the world and make more informed decisions when negotiating your pay while working abroad.

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