Airbus Just Unveiled a New Futuristic Interior Space for the A330

Airbus Just Unveiled a New Futuristic Interior Space for the A330

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Airbus has just unveiled a new customizable interior space for its popular, spacious A330 models, called A330neo Airspace.

While the new stylized cabin is an upgrade for already existing planes, the changes provide a tantalizing glimpse into the future of inflight interiors.


Ambient airline vibes

Anyone with a fear of flying will undoubtedly appreciate the calming nature of A330's entrance.

In a blog post by Airbus, the company described how customizable ceiling patterns allow airlines to differentiate themselves, while also creating a welcoming ambiance that can be adapted throughout the flight.

Cabin efficiency and space optimization

Airbus's new overhead storage for A330neo is significantly larger, the company says. It provides additional space for 66% more bags in overhead compartments.

The improved spacing optimization means passengers will always be ensured space above their own seat for their baggage. The premium cabin, meanwhile, which is reserved for business and first-class passengers, has fewer seats and will need no center stowage, allowing for a more spacious environment.

More revenue, more comfort

Airbus claims their new cabin design is a win-win for both passengers and airlines. In their blog post, the company says that the new design allows for 10 more seats than the typical A330, whilst "retaining the same high comfort standards for the passenger."

Changes that allowed for this optimization include a double lavatory configuration in the center cabin, Airbus's 'Modular Space-Flex' solutions and PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) lavatories efficiently utilizing space at the rear of the cabin for extra space.

Finally, the A330neo relocates the flight crew into the Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest. All of these changes, Airbus says, will allow for a more comfortable experience for flyers.

The airplane manufacturer will hope it also allows them to stay ahead of the competition by benefiting airlines and passengers alike.

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