PicoScope 2 Channel USB Oscilloscope

PicoScope 2 Channel USB Oscilloscope

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Two channel USB oscilloscopes can be used in a variety of different applications. A 2 channel USB scope can provide for the majority of functionality needed for many different laboratory test applications

As the name indicates, the 2 channel scope enables two waveforms to be displayed at the same time. The two waveforms are sampled and displayed on the same display. This enables the cause and effect to be seen, or the waveforms on two parts of the circuit.

Normally two channels are quite sufficient for many applications, especially analogue systems where there are not multiple lines on a data bus, etc.

PicoScope 2 channel USB scopes

The PicoScope range of USB scopes for operation by PCs and other computers provides for a whole variety of different levels of performance.

When using a scope primarily for analogue circuit investigations, two channels is often quite sufficient. The two channels enable two circuit nodes to be monitored simultaneously and compared together.

it is found that 2 channel PicoScope oscilloscopes can be used for debugging everything from projects based around microcontroller boards like Raspberry Pi and Arduino, etc to audio systems, high frequency systems, logic boards and a host of other applications.

The 2 channel scope is applicable for very many applications where two channels are required to be seen on the display.

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